Saturday, March 18, 2006

Are you Kidding me?

I went to Toys R US with my sister and my niece - can we say overstimulation? Regardless - My sister showed me the bike that my parents are getting Kate for her birthday - so we were in the "transportation" section of the store, which inluded the battery operated cars of whatever sorts - the Barbie cars, the Jeeps etc - until I came across this... That's right folks - this is a Barbie "Escalade" - just incase our kids aren't corrupted enough - just incase they don't already have identity issues because they can't define who they are without looking to some sort of materialistic description of who society wants them to be, just incase they (or their parents) aren't already going to be in massive debt because our economy continues to support buying things we don't need on money we don't have - just incase.... let's get them at an early age - and make sure they get hooked on an Escalade when they are 3 - so when they are 23 - they are going to try and buy this luxury piece of crap that is contributing to global warming, the poverty gap and materialistic suicide.... awesome - Kate wants one..... JK - her aunt is going to raise her right! On this same note - I found a fabulous book today that I think everyone should read - it's called "AMERICAN THEOCRACY: The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21st Century," In it, Kevin Phillips (no relation) :), a former republican supporter, outlines the way in which, "No longer does he see Republican government as a source of stability and order. Instead, he presents a nightmarish vision of ideological extremism, catastrophic fiscal irresponsibility, rampant greed and dangerous shortsightedness." - He used to be a huge Republican supporter, and wrote a book in 1969, "The Emerging Republican Majority", about "the movement of people and resources from the old Northern industrial states into the South and the West (an area he enduringly labeled the "Sun Belt") [that] would produce a new and more conservative Republican majority that would dominate American politics for decades." He originally viewed this optimistically, but now, not so much... I think it would be a good read for republicans and democrats alike....

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John said...

I might have to pick up that book... I, too, used to be a dyed-in-the wool conservative.. and still have that view on many many things... However, the Republican party is no longer one that doesn't attach itself to Christian Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism..

No offense here, but I prefer my political leaders to have a firm spiritual side but one that does not create thier agenda.

As for the things we are pursuaded to buy that we do not need... are you referencing a quote I gave you?? Good movie, better book.