Sunday, March 26, 2006


Andrea and I have a puppy! The new house that we are moving into allows pets - so we went to the Humane Society on Saturday just to check on a particular dog that Andrea had found on their website and sort of check out the adoption process. Well - you can't go to the Humane Society without leaving with a pet! So...without further adieu..... here is Bartholomew!

He is a retreiver/black lab mix!

His first task was to help me with my laundry!
He has been really good so far - so lets all keep our fingers crossed! He's going to grow up so fast and grow into a pretty big dog - but no worries - you should see him as a puppy soon! I get to bring him to the Lake with me in July! He's going to be a good lake dog, I can already tell. :)

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