Monday, March 13, 2006


Thanks to all sent concerned emails or calls about my arm - it's fine now. After a deep tissue massage and two days of alternating ice and heat, I can successfully get dressed without pain :) Spring Break in seminary, has to be eventful right? ;) Well I have had fun so far, so that's all that matters right? I flew to Kansas City on Saturday and immediately had a full day of lunch, hanging out with friends, dinner and of course drinks with friends out in Liberty... this day was eventful in itself, seeing an ex-boyfriend, seeing my dreamy husband ;), finding out I've been being lied to by someone I trust, but all in all a great day.... I've found out how much I don't care about drama anymore...I'm not going to complain about it and start ranting and raving about it, because then don't I just become part of it? I'm done with it...honesty and simplicity are the way to go people...simple as that. :)
I preached on Sunday at my home church - thanks to all the family and friends who came to hear my preach, I'm glad to know I have a lot of support even if people don't understand why or what I'm doing - but knowing they support me.
I accidently kissed my ex-boyfriend - yes I said accidently... I really didn't intend on doing this, but when he was getting ready to leave, I leaned into hug him and it came to a quick kiss and a hug... odd...hmmm...oh, this was not DURING the worries :)
I hung out with my family on Sunday night...this was probably one of the best times of the weekend at home. We all ate around a really small table, because the kitchen is being remodeled, so make do with the table that's fancy dinner, no TV, waiting out a tornado warning together (yay for ACTUAL severe weather rather than the pretend crap in KY) and did stupid things like played "Heart and Soul" on our piano for probably a good 20 minutes straight watching my nephew dance around the living room - or letting my niece run around the house with my digital camera and take pictures of anyone and everything including the table, the light and the popcorn bowl :)
I know, I know, this is probably the least exciting blog you've ever read in your entire life - but I don't care, I'm just happy with the wonderful time I had at home with family. It's amazing the simplicity you miss when you grow up and what you take for granted...and its amazing how much people don't change while you grow up...staying the same....both for the good and the bad.

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