Saturday, March 25, 2006

30 Hour Famine Pictures

During one of the 30 minute worship services during the Famine we lit 600 candles to represent the 600 children that will die every 30 minutes from hunger related and preventable causes. At the end of the worship service we blew all of those candles out, knowing that what was really represented was a life.

The participants learned what poverty is like here in the States. The kids were given $10 and had to purchase as much food as the could on that $10. However, they couldn't buy 100 packages of Raman Noodles and call it a day - they were required to have all three meals represented in their purchases. The food was then donated to God's Pantry along with the other almost 300 nonperishable items raised during the Famine.

This is the group! There were 28 participants, including adults, from four different DOC Churches!

These are the girls that save me everyday at Seminary and help keep me sane! Kelley and Andrea both joined in the fun on the 30 Hour Famine with their Youth groups.

*None of the adults actually cheated during the 30 Hour Famine* We had just reached the stage of delirium and thought this photo would be funny - not comments from the peanut gallery please :)

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