Monday, February 21, 2005

Wisdom Teeth

This is the new hot fashion statement when you get your wisdom teeth out. Masking tape two ice packs around your head with a baseball cap on to hold them on top. Don't you wish you could all look like me?!? I'm sure we'll see this very soon on the runways of Milan & Paris. Send me flowers and love since I'm at home!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Whiskey Tango

W.T. - Whiskey Tango...what an experience! Whiskey Tango is an amalgam (sp?) of cowboy, western, underage girls, George's from Columbia, MO, corner bar, Shooters 21 at the Lake...ALL COMBINED. I don't think I've ever seen people dancing in cages at the same time that I've seen couples dancing the two step on the dance floor. Nor have I seen so many men wearing cowboy hats that shouldn't have been, so many pick-up trucks in one place, nor that many plastic bottles of beer. Not to mention all the people I was with made it extremely interesting. The girls were out for a night out, and Jim and RJ definitely noticed! Happy Birthday Steph!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Roses from Derrik for Valentines Day - Just wanted to show them off...look at the vase, it's really cool! It actually separates into two vases, one part black, the other white. Thank you babe, it's much appreciated and I love them! 25 Long Stem Red Roses - someone gets a big thank you when they get home! Love you!

Monday, February 14, 2005


From the words of the great Carrie Bradshaw, "At what point does the art of compromise, become compromising?" I mean at what point in a relationship do you see yourself compromising so much that you're not necessarily yourself anymore? And when you hit that point, how do you know if that is a good change, or a bad change, and if maybe the "yourself" you thought of all along, is not really the person you wanted to be, and that you are creating a new self? Or maybe you're holding yourself back because you don't want to change, afraid that you'll change too much for that one person? Is that bad? How do you decide if that one person is the right person you are supposed to be changing and compromising for? And if you have to ask yourself all these questions, is any of it really worth it? Happy Valentines Day everyone... such an uplifting thought I know...

Sunday, February 06, 2005

First Kiss

So what are the chances I would see this guy out on the town this weekend? Birthday girl Amber had been starring at the gentleman on the left for quite some time last night, only to find out later that I KNOW HIM! How do I know him you ask? He was the first boy I ever slow danced with, and my first kiss...yes both at church camp! "This one time at church camp..." just kidding... but yeah, Ryan was gracious enough to take a picture with her being her birthday and all! We also got free ice cream, free drinks and free dessert (another meal) all because it was her birthday... who says there are no good birthdays after 21?! Amber, "Can I bring my two year old and wear a sweatshirt big enough to hold a 2 liter of Mountain Dew?"


Happy Birthday Ham! I tried to call you only to find out that some Middle Eastern man has kidnapped your voicemail :) (Hi Youseef!) Remember last year's birthday? Oh wouldn't... Nonetheless, Happy Birthday Pam, I hope fate fills your day with wonderful surprises and amazing gifts!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Happy Birthday Amber, my 28 year old, let's pretend we're 21, but still very rich, living in NYC looking for Carrie Bradshaw friend!! Looking forward to this weekend, it's sure to be eventful! "We're not friends because we like the same things...also because we dislike the same people" :)