Monday, February 14, 2005


From the words of the great Carrie Bradshaw, "At what point does the art of compromise, become compromising?" I mean at what point in a relationship do you see yourself compromising so much that you're not necessarily yourself anymore? And when you hit that point, how do you know if that is a good change, or a bad change, and if maybe the "yourself" you thought of all along, is not really the person you wanted to be, and that you are creating a new self? Or maybe you're holding yourself back because you don't want to change, afraid that you'll change too much for that one person? Is that bad? How do you decide if that one person is the right person you are supposed to be changing and compromising for? And if you have to ask yourself all these questions, is any of it really worth it? Happy Valentines Day everyone... such an uplifting thought I know...

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