Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Reverend's 30 x 30

30% of my body weight by the time I'm 30.  May 26, 2012 here I come.
I actually started on this kick two days ago - Sunday, January 2, 2011.  I've decided, as cliche as it may sounds to drop 30% of my body weight by the time I'm 30 years old.  This gives me 17 months to drop 75 pounds.  That will put me at about one pound a week which I think is very doable.
 I feel a bit cliche for starting a "diet" right after the NY - because this is not some NY resolution that I intend to forget about in a few months.  I NEED this.  I NEED to be healthier.  Losing 75 pounds still puts me above my "ideal" weight according to lots of information I've found online concerning my height and age - but 75 pounds lighter than I am now sounds ideal to me!  If I make more - great!  If I make less, it better only be by about 2 pounds!  I can keep going after 30 (30% or 30 years) - but 30 x 30 is my goal.
I'm also not so jazzed about putting all this info on the web, my current weight, my starting weight, my activities, etc.  I'm all for the tracking part - but the making it public part is hard.  Being held accountable is hard.  Tough love is hard.  Admitting to others that you've let yourself go and now you're at weight XXX is hard.  But I know I won't do this on my own unless someone else is keeping me accountable.  
I've sought out a few accountability partners and things are looking up - not so bad.  One friend, E, has known me for years, especially when I was thinner, and is getting in shape for her wedding in April.  Another friend, H, has only known me for about a year - all around my current weight, and is getting in shape for a cruise she'll be taking also in the spring.  So I have support - we just need to be accountable and I hope they'll call me out when I'm acting really dumb about this all!
I don't regret my life experiences, but I do regret my food choices throughout the years.  I don't regret the drinks out with friends, but was that one more drink really necessary?  I don't regret a fabulous meal at a restaurant in a foreign country - but what could I have eaten instead?  I don't regret the downtime with loved ones watching a movie, but was the buttery popcorn really necessary - or the lack of physical activity later?  I don't regret - but I learn from...  
Here's to learning from THIS experience.
Starting weight:  255.8
Today's weight: 255.6
Goal: 180.0