Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tests and Quizzes of all kinds

Ok, so I know I spend...I mean waste a lot of time on the internet, filling out pointless surveys and taking pointless quizzes, but I know they are all in good fun, so it's no big deal. I ran across this one the other day, and I'm just a bit confused?
How is the internet going to determine this? How is my computer going to help in this manner? Am I supposed to makeout with my floppy drive in hopes that it does the same in return and that it will then give me an answer? Maybe its just me, but its at this point that we are making MySpace a little bit too much of a reality and hiding too much behind our keyboards at this point. What are you going to say, "well I don't care what you think, MySpace Quizzes told me I AM a good kisser!" Like I said, I may spend a lot of time on the internet, hiding behind this reality that I have created on my page. Which yes, it gives me a little more freedom to be who I want to, when I may have formally been to shy or introverted to do so, but this quiz, that's taking things a little too far. On a similar note - I think most of my posts lately have been fairly crass and negative, but then again, I am right in the middle of midterms...blah! I will try to post something positive and possibly some pictures this weekend - because I know I haven't done that in a while.... just AFTER my test on the first 1500 years of Christianity - you know....nothing too big ;)

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