Tuesday, May 22, 2012

30 X 30 - State Ballet & Nutcracker

(Following a friend's example, in honor of my 30th birthday I have decided to post 30 things I have accomplished in my life in 30 years.  So for the remaining 4 days leading up to my birthday watch for a new post each day celebrating these 30 things.)

I was secretly hoping for an embarrassing photo to accompany this post, but since many of my memories are in boxes back in Kansas City - I suppose that will have to wait.

In my 30 years I have danced many a dances.  Choreographed or otherwise I have shaken my booty many a times, at many occasions and to many different types of music.  However one of the neatest ways that I could dance was to dance for the State Ballet of Missouri and in The Nutcracker.  from 3rd - 5th grade I was in over 60 performances with a professional dance company for all of Kansas City to see.  Sure, it was loads of fun to get out of school for such a special event, but it was even more amazing to be a part of it.

The Nutcracker is one of the quintessential ballets in which to participate - and to do so at such a young age was exciting.  I remember the ballerinas running around back stage, hurrying to perform, yet also taking the time  to sign a ballet shoe or two for all those of us who looked up to them.  I was technically under the direction of Todd Bolender (and remember meeting him) who worked with one of the most well know contemporary choreographers, George Balanchine, who helped to found the New York City Ballet.

It may seem small since I was only a child - but my brief time with the State Ballet of Missouri and the Nutcracker were certainly influential.

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