Saturday, May 05, 2012

30 X 30 - Girls On The Run

(Following a friend's example, in honor of my 30th birthday I have decided to post 30 things I have accomplished in my life in 30 years.  So for the remaining 21 days leading up to my birthday watch for a new post each day celebrating these 30 things.)

It didn't happen until my 29th year, but on this day I am especially proud to say that one of my accomplishments in my 30 years has been to be a Girls on the Run Coach.   Let me first say that I AM NOT a runner.  I actually loathe running while it is happening, but I know there are health and mental benefits to my participating in healthy activities, so I do it anyway.  I also know that many of these girls need a role model (I always feel weird calling myself that) that may struggle with some of these issues too.  I run/walk on my own at home, and twice a week I go to a local elementary school to lead 3rd through 5th grade girls in an experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.

Girls on the Run is a positive youth development program specifically for young girls to inspire self-respect and healthy lifestyles addressing physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being.  Our goal is to meet with these girls twice a week, and to hopefully give them the tools to make positive decisions and avoid risky behaviors, both now and in the future through our fun activities, our games, our running, our time we spend with them and eventually through the 5K we run at the end of each semester.

Its hard.  Like I said, I don't actually like running all that much.  I enjoy the solitude and the ability to listen to music (when I'm not with the girls) while I sometimes talk to God, and sometimes talk to myself and hope I'm appropriately listening, so I do it anyway.  But also love love love being with these girls.  I only hope they get as much out of my being there as I do when I get to run with them.

My Runnels Girls on the Run last semester!  Look at that GOTR Cord!

Runnels GOTR THIS semester!

Children's Charter GOTR and Coaches

My running buddy Stephani - we are strong!

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