Wednesday, February 06, 2008


When I’m sitting here writing these updates I feel like all I can ever say is “same ol’, same ol’” but I know that’s not the truth… sometimes it just feels like it! I finished classes up on December 15th and then had a few days before I headed home to KC for Christmas. As some of you may know I broke things off with my long-term boyfriend, which in the end was a blessing since I got to go home for Christmas! The holidays were a bit hard after a fresh, intense, break-up, and the first Christmas without my grandfather, so it was very very nice to be with my family. I headed back to KY on the 28th, so I could preach on the 30th, and then made a very quick, impromptu trip back to KC so I could meet my new niece Madeline Rose Phillips! I recently finished a very short term, January Term, where I studied Conflict in the Congregation, Mediation and Ministry. It was a very important class and I’m glad I got the chance to take it, but it was sad to think that last year my “class” for January was touring in the footsteps of Paul around Greece and Turkey! We began our Spring Semester just this week and I’m scared witless, as this semester I’ll be writing my thesis and personal theology. Although it is our senior capstone class in which we write this, I actually still have one more semester, and plan to be finished this December! As my dad says, there is light at the end of the tunnel… but honestly, sometimes I feel like it’s the headlight of a train in that tunnel, coming my way! The “real world” is creeping closer and closer!! Somehow I’m confident I will reach the end, as I know I have family and friends who are there to support me all the way to the end of this particular journey!

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