Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Seminary News

Our night housekeeping employee at the seminary was attacked on campus last night. The seminary administration is responding the best they can - but prayers are always appreciated as we encounter this situation...

Link to CBS Story

Link to NBC Story

What the news report DOESN'T say is that this happened at the same exact time of year, one year ago, to the SAME woman. Last year she was not held at knifepoint, but someone entered the "locked" seminary building, confronted her, and she was also able to get away last year. That was on top of the fact that two students who lived on campus last year were also assaulted in the parking lot. The sad part is that a task force was put together in response to the attacks LAST year - but that task force just met TODAY for the first time - almost a year later. It's weird to think that an attack happened again just the night before that group was supposed to meet. More than anything, prayers are definitely needed!!

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