Saturday, February 23, 2008


you are a large scar in my life

and i cannot make you go away

no matter what i do

i'm constantly reminded of that scar

i try to ignore it

i try to cover it up

i try to make it go away

i try to "deal" with it

i try to ignore it

but its always there

its always reminding me

a scar is different

a scar means there was pain

and there may still be pain

but more than anything

the scar just won't go away

no matter how badly i want it to

no matter how badly i want it to disappear

it mocks me

the scar pops in front of me

at moments when i least expect it

and moments when i most certainly don't need a reminder

of that scar

of that pain

of the fact that you changed me life forever

and of the fact that i didn't seem to impact yours at all

and that you don't care

and that i apparently didn't cause you any pain

but the opposite was most certianly true

there was pain

there was a wound

there was a burn

there was an injury

but a scar means healing


just a tender spot

where pain is still present

but a scar means there is healing...

but i hope to god i can make the scar go away

because i hate it

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