Sunday, January 22, 2006

May 26, 2006

I just found out today that I will be visiting Auschwitz, the Nazi death camp in Poland, on my birthday. I'm not sure what significance this has on the fact that it is in fact my birthday, if any... but I just thought it was an interesting way to spend your birthday. I will be traveling to Poland with a class to study the "The Christian Misuse of the First (Old) Testament and its Implications on the Holocaust". Yay for study trips! It's just going to be a very odd birthday to be at a Nazi death camp... I guess it will be one of those days that you realize how small and unimportant you are in the greater scheme of things... just weird to have that day be your birthday! Now let's see... who else was born on May 26?
John Wayne
Miles Davis
Jack Kevorkian (hmmm....)
Stevie Nicks
Hank Williams Jr.
Sally Ride (The astronaut)
Lenny Kravitz

In Australia - it is National Sorry Day - It was started in 1998 and attempts to inform of the treatment of Aborigine children in the past as well as heal some of the wounds caused.

In Poland - it is mother's day - to think that we will be there then!

In Georgia (the country, formerly of the soviet union) - it is National Day (faaaabulous)

Maybe I should have been an entertainer, lots of entertainers that are somewhat successful were also born on May 26... maybe they'll give me some money because have soooo much in common?

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John said...

I have never visited that one, but Dachau really really hit home with me and unnerved the hell out of me. Any sympathy of the Nazi movement that may have had in my mind was erased instantly when I walked into the crematorium and saw the still remaining ashes in the ovens... The brutalist memorial chapel had me sitting there in quiet contemplation and reflection for a good solid 1/2 an hour as I realized how completely messed up the whole idea and concept of the eradication was.