Thursday, January 19, 2006


On February 24 & 25 the youth at my church, Woodland Christian will be joining in the 30 Hour Famine, fasting for 30 hours to raise money and support for the hungry, homeless and oppressed both in our community and around the world. I want to ask for prayers that this event goes well and that the kids can really feel the presence and understanding of what the 30 Hour Famine is about. I'm very excited about this and think that the kids are going to have a fabulous time, especially as we are doing this almost as a regional youth event - because we will have at least 5 Disciples churches from around the area joining in. OK - so the numbers won't be near what a regional youth event would be, but I am pretty excited. It's amazing that we don't utilize the networking and connections we have at Lexington Theological Seminary, seeing as how pretty much any church within an hour of Lexington has a student working at their church and primarily, most likely in a youth position. I'm excited to start this networking thing with Andrea, Jeff, Kelley and Tina - hope it all goes well!

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