Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year Laura

I never realized how great your roommates/boyfriends were when you are sick until you get sick while you live by yourself and are single.... I got the flu yesterday - Happy New Year Laura - and I was only so lucky to get it while my friend Andrea happened to be at my house. We were planning to go to dinner and instead of going, she tucked me in, checked my temperature, got me some Sprite and then returned after dinner to do the same thing over again. I can't be thankful enough for that!! It's just so nice to have someone there to help you, even with the stupidest things like putting the phone by your head and making sure the remote has batteries so that you can lay there in agony and wish you didn't feel like your insides were going to come out. Was that graphic enough for you? ;) This is the first time I've ever lived alone alone - without roommates and so it's nice to have fabulous friends that are willing to drive over and check on you, as long as you promise to leave your door unlocked so they can get into your apartment building. :)

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