Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Conspiracy Theory

So please don't read into this at all - I'm not into conspiracies and I don't necessarily believe ANY of what I write below, basically I'm just horrendously bored in my class and need something to let my mind wander. :)
So - currently there is this huge conspiracy that President Bush somehow knew about the actions of 9/11 and for whatever reason still allowed it to happen. Now I have yet to figure out why people would say - because I have yet to find a valid reason why we would allow the lives of innocent unsuspecting americans to be lost - but today I found was educated on a previous conspiracy that might lead to this same one about 9/11. It stems off another conspiracy or thought I guess, surrounding something people compared 9/11 to... Pearl Harbor. After WWI, we are all aware that the US entered into a huge economic depression....why did this happen? One theory is based upon the fact that US citizens became largely isolationists....we isolated ourselves from the rest of the world economically - specific example, the Smoot Hawley tariffs system which promoted isolationism by having such high tariffs on global trade etc. The US wanted to remain so isolated, because of the huge loss it suffered in WWI, for what many believed to be no reason (as in we shouldn't have been there in the first place) - So we're in a depression and Europe is in another war.... hmmmm.... not so appealing to the common person to enter into this war again. Now this is where it should be dispusted. Did the US citizens decide we should not go into the second World War knowing what had been happening in Europe (i.e. mass genocide of millions of people), or were we as US citizens completely unaware of the Holocaust and did not want to enter the war because of lingering isolationism? The US government needed a good reason to enter into the war, knowing that they should do something - anything - that they could, but not having the full backing of the country. So, could the US have known about Pearl Harbor - known that the Japanese were going to attack at some point, somewhere, not necessarily knowing where, but that the US government, mainly very high up officials, let it happen. They let it happen because they knew that it would allow them a reason to enter into the war, knowing that they needed to, and knowing that they should have been involved for quite some time by then.... So now the American public is hurt and wants to be aggressive in action and enter into the war.

Now - today, I still do believe that George W has some unfinished business with Sadaam that stems from issues started by his father - but not necessariy to oust him from power. I just find it hard to believe that there is no connection between father and son and their political views/policies/agendas etc. Now - to explain this conspiracy that I've heard about today.... It is said that George W needs a reason to go after Sadaam Hussein - his dad couldn't get the job done, or tried and failed - and so now the responsibility falls onto his shoulders.... W needs a reason to go after Sadaam - and knowing that his approval rating pretty much sucks going into his presidency because pretty much half of the country already didn't want him to be president... he knows that he needs good reason to go after Sadaam - something that the country will jump behind.... There's a theory that friends and relatives of Osama bin Laden were allowed to leave the country, more importantly fly out of the country, just days after 9/11 when the rest of the country was grounded and we sent many airlines into bankrupcy.... why is this? They say because Osama bin Laden would not become our main target... he was merely a facade for the real reason it became OK that 9/11 happened. W knew about 9/11 and allowed it to happen because he needed good reason to enter into a war against Sadaam, knowing that without this reason the country would not back him a larger reason that the country could jump behind.

Now, like I said, I haven't taken on these conspiracies as personal opinion, I generally don't accept conspiracy theories at all - but I just thought they were interesting to think about and gave me something to do during class. If anything, conspiracy theories in general can teach us that we can't take everything we see at face value. We need to be proactive citizens in obtaining information from unbaised sources, understanding an issue and our own government from all sides, including the sides that don't make us as US citizens look very good. We need to be unpartial to understanding our actions and realize that we are part of a larger global community that is striving to exist in peace and that sometimes we make mistakes, while at others we also affect change in huge ways, but that in the end we should all be striving for a goal of peace - something which I pray we will all see one day.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Noticed that you deleted my comment...

You're probably correct (in your re-written post), there's a good chance of a connection b/n George W and his father's political views. They both believe that genocide is bad, and they both wanted Sadaam out of power.

I don't think it's a stretch to make that comparison, but I don't know how two Presidents sharing that viewpoint makes it a "conspiracy"... even if they're father & son.

Peace Babe said...

I can't believe I'm commenting back to someone who won't even let me know who THEY are when they comment on my blog...whatever.... I don't think it's a conspiracy that Father and Son Bush have issues with Sadaam - the conspiracy that I was referencing is that George W needed a reason to enter into a war with Sadaam, because the US wasn't going to support "a family feud" that needed to be finished up - so the conspiracy that others are suggesting is that he allowed 9/11 to happen to provide him with this reason for entering into the war... And yes I did delete your comment, because I think it's inappropriate to allow your opinions on my website if you aren't even going to acknowledge who you are... my brother, some guy, an old professor... I'll take your comments for what they are worth, but until I know who you are, they aren't worth much.... And again - don't attack me, these conspiracies I've been speaking of are something I learned about in class and thought about in class - thinking about doesn't mean prescribing to.... I'm assuming you don't know who I am then, that you aren't a relative or a friend, because anyone close to me would know that I don't really prescribe to conspiracies - I thought it was something interesting to put on my blog. Period.