Friday, December 02, 2005

Awkward Stage

So when they say that everyone goes through an "awkward stage" - I was the epitome of awkwardness in 6th grade - I think I take the cake on everyone. Besides the fact that my parents decided to buy me some ridiculously oversized glasses when I couldn't see the chalkboard anymore and I was TOTALLY a school nerd because I really liked school and did really well at it, I had the worst of teeth/braces problems. Kids - I've had two teeth missing from my mouth since I was in 6th grade... fabulous eh? Granted, they put braces on me which covered up that fact, so it wasn't quite as bad, but then I had to have about 5 surgeries to correct my teeth and get implants that are screwed into my jaw pretty much up to my eye socket, and then of course the re-constructive gum surgery.... yadda yadda yadda.... I thought this was all over. I thought I was all done. Well turns out my implants are moving and having problems, so I'm going to the dentist next week - which makes me nervous in and of itself not knowing this dentist, but I'm going back because I have to get it all corrected again. I'm really quite upset about this, I really thought going through that awkward stage was over. I've always been a big smile-er, and big on facial expressions - so the fact that my smile isn't what it is supposed to be is really really distressing to me. I may be vain - but it really is a huge issue of self esteem if you can't smile like you want to. Just a laugh or when it's time for family pictures.... I hate that I may have to start this crap all over again - I hate that I have to feel like I'm in 8th grade again and the awkward girl that no one wants to talk to because her teeth look weird. Plus the dentist office called my house today to check and see if I had a cell phone. She said, "It might snow tomorrow and we want to make sure we can call all of our patients if the doctors can't come in." - I'm really not going to like KY in the winter with everyone freaking out about snow. Damn it - learn to drive in the snow - people in Denver - hell people in Missouri do it all the time - every freaking year! - OK, I guess I'm taking my frustrations out elsewhere....

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