Sunday, December 18, 2005

One Semester Done

I'm through my first semester of seminary! I can't believe it's already over - it feels like I just moved here! It was an amazingly easy transition though and I have enjoyed every minute of being here so far. It was definitely a much easier transition than going to undergrad - I remember having a really hard time with that. Anyway, I have one semester of Hebrew, Theology and Intro to the Bible under my belt! And with decent grades - a definite bonus! Now I start January term, Jan 2 - I'm taking "Judeo-Christian Dialogue" which I am pretty excited about. It should be a really interesting class. But for now, I have two weeks off class and one Sunday off from work, so I will be home for about 6 days - it will be great to see my family and friends and good way to spend the holidays!

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