Friday, December 09, 2005

This is REAL snow!

When the weathermen in Kansas City forecast snow - they mean SNOW like this picture of my parents back porch.... now when they predicted snow in Kentucky - everyone on the news made such a huge deal and freaked out the entire city, closing tons of schools, including two colleges that I know of, and made for just all out pandamonium. But turns out we got sleet/freezing rain and less than an inch of snow. Now to prevent myself from becoming the big bitch that I'm sure people will assume me to be if I keep going on and on about this sort of thing, I'm going to make fun of KY once - and once only - concerning this subject and then let you judge for yourself. When you say snow, you better be talking about at least 3 inches, because unless all the grass is covered and I can't see the topes of blades of grass, it doesn't count. Learn to drive on slick roads people, I've seen people freak out when it rains and drive crazy like that in the summer. You may be able to move away from snow people, but you can never move away from rain, so learn to drive in any kind of slippery weather starting with and including rain. No you don't need to run to the store and stock up on milk and canned food everytime it threatens to snow. If people in Colorado can somehow manage and somehow don't need to run to the, then so can we. I'm just amazed and I guess very thankful that I grew up in the midwest where you can appreciate a good snowfall and teach your kids to do doughnuts in the parking lots rather than teaching them to freak out at the possibility of snow. Ok....ok...I'm done now....maybe...

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