Thursday, December 08, 2005

Touche Yosef....touche

Yosef's Top Ten Things to Do if Another Bush Wins in 2008 (not necessarily recommended -- just possibilities)

10. Find a way to kill off mass quantities of brain cells so you can actually start believing what Bush says. It'll make life easier. Ignorance, after all, is bliss.
9. Cry.
8. Prepare to bomb another country whose populace is generally "darker" than our Anglo ruling class... ...under false pretense of necessity and hocus-pocus groundless intelligence that exploits many Americans' cultural and geographic ignorance, once again reemphasizing our stupidity and general unworthiness to the rest of the world. Woo, that one was smokin'.
7. Get one of those dumbass bumper stickers that'll say something like, "Don't blame me, I voted for ________"
6. Apologize for your country's general stupidity and ignorance anytime you go overseas and meet people who'll ask you questions like, "Why did zee Americans elekt Meestar Boosh again?"
5. Engage in finding, chemically, "alternate realities" as a form of escapism
4. Prepare for Israel and Palestine not to resolve anything, with our full backing
3. Prepare for the passing of the "Super Patriot" Act -- whereby Arabic as a spoken language is simply outlawed.
2. Change your name from Habib to Mark
1. Move (to Canada, Netherlands, etc.)
Ok, now how about some predictable commentary (a.k.a., Republican/right wing backlash) about how if I don't like it here, I SHOULD just move and good riddance (i.e., the redneck "love it or leave it" philosophy, which defeats the whole purpose of democracy and intelligent, critical discourse in an open society, etc.). C'mon! Any takers? I'm tingling in anticipation of the comments I may get...

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