Saturday, November 12, 2005

Thanks for making me look like an ass...

After discussing relationships and such with my good friend Andrea I just had to put this thought down - not that it's necessarily in reference to anyone in particular, but just a general observation..... If people aren't honest in relationships, whether they be just starting out or years worth of love, then it ALWAYS ends up hurting the OTHER person and making them out to be the ass. Example... ok, so maybe this one is from experience..... What's going on with us? Are we interested in making this work? Is there anything "here" between us? Could there be? I felt as if I had been completely honest, exposing my desire to see where things may go, which I feel is only fair. However by the other person not being honest with themselves, or me, it makes me out to be the ass. Because I'm simply wondering what the heck is going on, trying to figure out whether or not they are interested, I appear to be needy, I appear to be smothering, I appear to be controlling... when in fact, it's just Laura taking an active role in figuring out what the heck these random flirtations mean. I admit, I may have my needy moments, all girls are allowed to want a man to be their comforter and to hold them safe from the big bad world.... but those are MOMENTS in Laura's life - I'm not needy, I'd like to think I'm not controlling in relationships and I know I shouldn't smother someone I'm interested in.... but because the other person isn't honest with themselves, or at least willing to take a risk on something and try to figure out what they want.... I appear to be the ass.... and it's Laura that gets the short end of the stick.... this dating thing is sweet :)

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