Sunday, November 13, 2005

Chi Rho XP Xperience

This weekend is finally at end! After a very long couple of weeks, I came and took the longest nap in history. On Friday I headed off to Bowling Green, KY with two Chi Rho (Junior High) aged girls from Woodland. The Kentucky Region was having its first every regional Chi Rho only event! There were about 200 Chi Rho-ers and their sponsors at the event and it seemed to go very well! After arriving on Friday night we gathered for ice breakers/getting to know you/keynoter and worship which made for a fairly late Friday night, but a good one. Saturday morning was met with even more worship and fellowship, including workshops for both adults and Chi Rho-ers. It was helpful to me because I attended a workshop on how to plan a successful mission trip. Hopefully it will help for this summer! My two girls attended the Faith on Film workshop. For the afternoon all 200+ participants helped around the Bowling Green community in many different places. Our group worked with Operation P.R.I.D.E - a beautification project for Bowling Green. We helped by placing door knockers on neighborhood doors to advertise the P.R.I.D.E. project and different services offered to help with the project. Because we got done early with our service project we joined another youth group and went to Lost River Cave & Valley, a local site full of history and beautiful natural habitats. Because I had to preach this morning, we unfortunately had to leave early from Bowling Green and return home late Saturday night, but it was still a successful weekend! It was a great weekend with the Chi Rho-ers, I'm so happy to get to know them better and learn about youth ministry in general - thanks for a fun weekend!

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