Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Dating in Seminary

I just want to say... it is very hard to even think about the dating scene here at LTS. For one.... LTS itself is soooo small that should you even think about being interested in someone at LTS, there's all sorts of extra drama and confusion that goes with everyone knowing everything, which just makes the thought of dating someone AT LTS entirely undesriable. Secondly, I guess I never really thought of what to say from now on when people ask, "so what do you do....", because trying to meet someone, making that first impression, often times when you answer anything remotely close to something about a minister or going to school to be a minister..... the conversation stops right there. Additionally, for me and anyone else that wasn't already close to Lexington to begin with, it's hard to meet people, friends or other, that aren't part of the seminary...so it's hard to "get away" if you need to. Aside from dating - I'm really just trying to "branch out" in general and meet people that have nothing to do with LTS - and its going pretty well....

At the same time - dating in general - I know, I know - we all suffer from the same excitement of the situation, but here are some of my thoughts on the subject. We all want and hope to find someone, to find that person with whom we can share our dreams and thoughts found only in the secret fissures of our hearts, and I am no different, but then somehow the situation always seems to be different. Something I’ve been struggling with lately is in the beginning stages of dating, or just getting to know someone in general. In order to get to know someone, I must make them, or our situation a priority in my life. However, I don’t feel it necessary to make them a priority yet, because I don't know that they are worth being a priority, and I know that this is mainly because I do not know them, who they are, etc. enough to desire to make them that important in my life. I know this makes me sound stuck up, to insinuate that someone is “not worthy of my time,” but that’s not my intention. It’s such a catch 22 – in order to make some a priority in my life I need to know who they are, what kind of person, that they are worth making them a priority in my life. BUT I must allow for them to be a priority in the first place in order to get to know them. In order for someone to be important in my life, they must ALREADY be important, so that I can discover whether or not they should be that important... ok...I’m done.... I'll just continue to be single and busy - maybe if I keep myself busy enough I won't notice being single... ya think?

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