Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Four Dollar Bottle of Water

This past weekend I took some of my Junior High aged girls to a regional event in Bowling Green. First off - way to let Laura loose in KY - I've never driven anywhere in KY except Lexington and to the airport in Louisville and all of a sudden I'm responsible for two pre-teens on my first excursion outside of Lexington!?!? Whatever - it worked out.... but - we stayed at a hotel - Holiday Inn to be exact. In the 15 minutes I was in the bathroom showering, my girls thought that they just honestly couldn't wait to brush their teeth. So they opened the $4 "complimentary" bottle of water that the hotel leaves you, but charges you for in the end - and decided to brush their teeth with that. I think it was when they were spitting it into the hotel glasses that I started to hyperventilate - but I had to calm myself down... in the end I it wasn't a big deal. But you better believe when we checked out and that 3/4 full bottle of water was still sitting there I took it with me. I'm not paying $4 for your rinse water! :)

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