Monday, February 09, 2009

25 Things... I finally gave in... my brain needed a break today!

I finally decided to do this after receiving 14 millions "tags" in other people's to do it....

25 things you may not have known about me

1. I lived in New Zealand for 7 months in 2002 and I’m headed back there four weeks from today!

2. I loathe feet – do not touch me with yours – but yes I want you to rub mine. (See #5 for the reason)

3. I spent my 24th birthday touring the concentration camps Auschwitz/Birkenau, followed by an inability to have a drink at dinner because the Pope was also in Poland, followed by a night in an Arab Sheesha bar (yep still in Poland).

4. A couple of times, I worked as a waitress for a "state" dinner in New Zealand. It was at the home of the Ambassador from Mexico to New Zealand and his many Ambassador guests. I suppose I might have started World War III because I screwed up on who to serve third or fourth based on their gender and matter of importance. There were a couple other occasions....

5. I danced for a professional ballet company for four years until I had to decide whether I wanted to pursue ballet as a professional career or have a “normal” college career.

6. I’ve gone parasailing, bungee jumping and sky diving but I’m terrified of heights

7. Not only was I in band all throughout Middle, Junior and High School – but I was the leader of the band nerds – because I was the drum major.

8. I’ve worked in a tanning salon, as a hostess, a server, a nanny, a cashier in a grocery store, in a video department, in a prosthetics and orthotics office, in the salad bar department at another grocery store, the director of a nannying service, in jewelry store, at a day care, as a camp staff counselor and at a church. This is the FIRST time in my life since I’ve started working that I’ve only had ONE job at a time.

9. I have had six oral surgeries including oral plastic surgery and have artificial teeth – no they do not come out....anymore.

10. I once had my belly button pierced, but it was ripped out when I was on a mission trip in Mexico and got caught on my work belt – needless to say I have a HUGE scar from the inability to wash it with very much clean water.

11. One of my favorite traveling memories was staying in a thatch-roof hut in Fiji with a hose on a hook for water/shower, no electricity and a mattress, one sheet and a mosquito net for a bed. We stayed up and watched the sunrise - ate fresh fruit and slept in a hammock until the sun went down - repeat.

12. I completed both of my bachelor's degrees in four years (total-not each) and just finished my master of divinity!

13. I’m a walking contradiction: I love to get my nails done, have shoe fetish, try to be stylish, wear make-up and was a sorority girl – but I also like to camp, backpack, watch sports, know how to change my own tire, use tools, will get those nails dirty or broken, and can be without luxuries like toilets and showers without complaint.

14. I secretly want to own my own motorcycle – I’ve never driven one, just ridden lots – I am honestly afraid the motorcycle would fall over if I tried to drive it

15. I can’t believe I’m admitting this but my nicknames include - Narna, Laurda Lou, Willobird, Blondie, LP and now recently Lala

16. I LOVE WINE (not out of a box or Arbor Mist either) – but I also like all kinds of beer and can handle a large variety of mixed drinks – No I’m not an alcoholic.

17. I once swam in a lake fed only by glaciers – it was so cold my fingers and toes shrank and I lost my toe rings - and a toe - ok not really - but that would have been a cooler fact ;)

18. I’m an ordained minister – meaning my friends no longer ask me to be IN their weddings – but perform them – which I’m happy to do ;)

19. I think it’s absolutely unacceptable that a man does not own jumper cables, cannot jump a car, cannot change a flat tire, does not know how to check ALL fluids or add fluids if necessary, won’t wash their own car by hand, or can’t handle taking their car to the shop without getting screwed over. My dad taught me all these things before I was allowed to get my license – a man should be able handle these things.

20. I love cold coffee – and it doesn’t have to be the sugary/creamy kind – but I only kind of like hot coffee.

21. I’ve visited 30 USA States, Mexico, Belize, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Poland, Great Britain, Greece and Turkey and want to max out my passport (is that possible?)

22. I love to watch sports (real sports – not poker or Nascar) – and Hooters is a great place to do so. I LOVE their wings and could care less about the women or why they are working there – or what other men/women think of me for liking that place. I go there for the food and the sports.

23. I was recently with my best friend at the moment that she died – it was the most surreal and divine experience I’ve ever had.

24. I am the youngest of three, a daddy’s girl, and have him wrapped around my pinky finger although I do my best to NOT take advantage of that.

25. I have moved 14 times since August of 2000 and am getting ready to make SOME kind of move at the end of February AND March.

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