Monday, February 16, 2009

Future Plans

Just as a clarification - and since I've been getting asked this question a lot - I thought I might explain my plans for the next few months.

March 1st I will preach my last sermon at Woodland Christian Church, and depart with love and support from a congregation that has nurtured me from my first days in seminary. And while I am definitely sad to go - I am also very excited for what is to come.

March 7th I will be moving most, if not all, of my stuff into "storage." A friend of mine has a rather large parsonage that she is not using, and has agreed to let me store my things there until this summer.

March 9th I will be departing for New Zealand for 15 days and couldn't be more excited! As many of you know I lived in New Zealand for 7 months when I was at Mizzou and would go back in a heart beat! My New Zealand brother is getting married - so almost all of the Phillips clan is making it down there for that amazing celebration!

March 23rd I will return to the United States jet lagged and wishing I knew what day it was - but will hopefully have some time to relax. At this point I do not have a job lined up with a new congregation - but have been in the Search and Call process for almost three months. For a few weeks, starting March 23rd, I will be living with a friend in her guest bedroom and trying to continue the job search. Should nothing open up by mid-late April I may choose at that point to move back to Kansas City temporarily while I wait for a call.

I made this decision, because I believe in the Search and Call process, and it seems as if it is working already. While it's not working as fast as I would have hoped - I know I'm learning a lesson in patience ;) It would be silly for me to automatically move all my things and life back to Kansas City on March 7 for a couple of reasons. One, I would have to pay for a storage unit for who knows how long, but mainly I would be moving my life 600 miles west, not knowing why. What if something comes about and I end up having to move my life 1200 miles back the same direction I came - when I could have simply left my life here in Lexington for a while.

While its not ideal and I will technically be living out of suitcases for about two months - it seems to me the best option. I trust in the Search and Call process and trust that something will come up in the next few months. Even if I don't have a job secured for May 1st or anything like that - I trust that God will lead me in the right direction if I just listen closely and discern where it is that God is leading me. So in the mean time - while I sit and try to listen for God's direction - I wanted to try and do so with as little clutter and craziness as possible. So staying here in Lexington seems to be the way that will happen.

As always if you've heard of any job openings - please pass on my name, and to me their information. ;)

Maybe this time of transition will be a time in which I can visit friends and catch up with long lost friends. But whatever it is - I know I'm looking forward to the adventures God has in store for me!

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