Sunday, December 16, 2007

I am moving on...

I am done...

I am not going to ignore our past

or how much I cared for you

or how much my life changed because you were in it

but I am done letting it revolve around you

especially since you're not in it any more

I deserve better than you

I deserve the best

and you could never give me that

you could never give me enough

and I didn't ask for too much

I asked for what I deserve

and now I'm done

I'm done with you

I'm done letting you affect my life in any way

I will grow

I will change

I will be better

because I experienced life

but I will give you no credit for any of that

it is because I am a strong woman

I am an intelligent woman

I am a desired woman

and I will make someone very happy

and it will not be you

first it will be me

I am happy with me

and I will make sure I am happy with me


and never let anyone else do anything like you did to me

because I am stronger than that now

I am better than that now

I am moving on....

I am growing...

I am changing....

I am moving on...

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