Saturday, June 11, 2005

Tall Oaks CYF Camp 2005

CYF Camp at Tall Oaks was a blast for me this year. We had three Liberty kids there which was really amazing especially considering what has been happening at our church lately. Camille Yameen was there for her first time and had a blast. Joe Massiovecchio was a senior this year, and also on the CYF Cabinet, a position I also held when I was in HS. Michael Williams came back after a few years and it was great to get to know him in my small group. It's always very refreshing to be at camp, but especially at CYF camp. Where at the Junior High camps, there is very little opportunity for you to have your own experience with God, and really experience camp for yourself, at CYF (HS) camp allows all members of the camp to participate on a fairly equal level. I feel like I can talk to these kids on more of a peer level than some adult sponsors and that they really appreciated that. At least I hope so!! One of our speakers was Bruce Frogge which was a real delight since he's been a part of my faith journey and he was able to catch up on what I've been up to etc. Bonnie Carenan is a DPF Intern this summer, and was on the KC CYF Cabinet with me in HS, so it was exciting to share with her my experiences, and also re-connect with her. Nathan Brooks came to visit and play with the "house band" so at one time we had three DPF Peace Interns in the group, and we also had all three Brooks siblings there... scary!! Thank you everyone for such an amazing week!!

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