Monday, June 27, 2005

Charlie's Sick

Charlie came over for a day because he was sick and Kerri still had to work - so mom and I babysatt sick Charlie. Were we in for a treat!! Charlie thought it would be quite fun to throw up all over my bed - so as you can see in the picture, there are no sheets on my bed - but he's smiling away, just minutes after the event. I've been trying to pack my room and all of my stuff for my move to Lexington - and Charlie made it so much easier by being sick and being there :) It was good though - I'm afraid I won't get much more time with my family before I leave, so I'm not complaining on anytime that I've been spending with the fam! Charlie also helped me pack for the next camp I'm off to in Trenton, MO - then I'm done with camp - I'm only slightly excited.... :)

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