Saturday, April 08, 2006

MySpace Bar

I got an offer for meaningless sex tonight. It was quite funny - you see, incase you didn't read the last blog, I gave up liquor for Lent. So that means I'm pretty much permanently the sober driver until Easter - which is funny to watch all my friends and meet all these great people at the bar. After trying to convince me that he was a radiologist, he asked if I would go to his house and have meaningless sex with him so that he could win a bet. His bet was that he could have sex longer than his friend could masturbate - no I'm not kidding :) Needless to say, when I tell them I'm a minister, they tend to back off and search for another victim in their dare/bet. It was pretty funny. I've decided that I may just give up alcohol completely. Ok, so not completely, but on a more regular basis. I mean, what's the point in drinking those empty calories that cost so much money when all you end up doing is making an ass out of yourself. Ok, so yes it is fun to make an ass of yourself sometimes :) but its more often fun to laugh at your friends while they buy you an endless supply of water and coke :) I also must say that this is the first time I hear the words, "are you on myspace" as a pick up line - please shoot me now if I ever even mention myspace at a bar....

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John said...

I overheard the myspace pickup out w/ my GF @ 75th St. Brewery 2 weekends ago... I just looked over and thought "uh uh.. no way"... but yes, that was the pickup line..

sad.. so so sad.