Sunday, April 02, 2006

Have ya'll found God tonight?

Yay - its spring and mid-terms are over - time to start going out more! On Friday night the seminary crowd went out to Rosebud's - mind you there were 8 ministers there, 4 ordained and 4 licensed and in the process of becoming ordained. We were all hanging out in our little booth - and the bartender had to kick this guy out because he was becoming very drunk and they didn't want to provide him with any more drinks. So on his way out he passes by our table and asks us in of course very slurred language, "Have ya'll found God tonight?"..... If you ONLY knew mister....if you only knew :) Ok, so maybe you have to be "one of us" to think that is hilarious, but we got a pretty good laugh out of it ;) Either way, I gave up alcohol for Lent this year, and although I definitely crave it when everyone is out like this - it's not all that bad...I don't spend any money (free drinks for the DD) and I don't feel like crap the next day! ;)
Kara is the master of self-portraits!
The seminary boys :)
Tim was a student here until last year when he graduated - now he serves a church in Chicago
Jeff is/was really flipping me off in this picture - but I cropped it out beotch
The Roomies to be! :)


John said...

It is a lot cheaper going out when alcohol isn't involved :-) I've been that way since late Jaunary.

Sometimes we do make comments towards other people.. ones which seem benign enough without thinking deeper about thier own personal situations which may make them more easily offended or find the comment more off color than intended.

Sometimes, we just need to think more, regardless of the chemical poisoning in our brains, before we speak. Sometimes, we just need to flat out think.

Peace Babe said...

Oh, I don't know that it was really all that big of a deal that he made the comment, drunk or not. If someone would have asked another group of my friends that same question we would have all chuckled and moved on, but the 8 ministers sitting there thought it was hilarious obviously considering our professions and schooling :) Either way, I just hope that guy made it home safe, because he was p-r-e-t-t-y drunk...