Friday, February 03, 2006

Honesty Part II

This is still in response to the crazy man that will not leave me alone - even though I'm clearly not interested. People MUST be honest with themselves when entering into a relationship before they can even pretend to be honest with the other person. If you can't admit to yourself that you are hurting from a previous relationship, or if you can't admit that you aren't looking for something long term - than how is the other person ever supposed to know that you are being honest with them. Even though I was completely honest with myself and the other person... I still end up having to be the bitch, because they weren't honest with themselves.... and still aren't/still won't be...

Damn that puts a damper on the weekend.... nothing like getting called a b*tch and a sl*t several times in one conversation, and oh yeah, I "need to check my morals" - that rocked! :) Not really a damper on the weekend - I mean I feel bad, but I was clearly not emotionally invested in the situation to begin with - so why should I be now?

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