Monday, February 27, 2006

30 Hour Famine

On Friday February 24 & Saturday the 25th, 8 of my youth participated in World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine. After gathering with youth from Lafayette CC, Dry Ridge CC and Douglass Blvd CC at Lexington Theological Seminary, all 18 youth participated in the lock-in and famine in many different ways. Together the 18 youth raised over $1000.00 to be sent to World Vision, including the almost $600 raised by the Woodland youth alone. After a worship service and movie on Friday evening, the youth participated in a Scavenger Hunt for canned goods on Saturday morning. In addition the youth learned a lesson in budgeting, trying to buy as much food as possible with only $10, and having to buy food for all three meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The scavenger hunt and budgeting simulation together collected over 300 canned goods to go to God’s Pantry right here in Lexington! After additional simulation games of what life is like in a third world country, Bible studies focusing on the temptation of Jesus (and the temptation of food during the 30 Hour Famine!), a visualization of the 29,000 children who die everyday from hunger-related causes, and games outdoors, the youth participated in another worship service and broke our fast together during communion. The fast officially ended with pizza donated by Papa John’s. THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who helped the youth, either through monetary donations, donations of juice, or through prayer! The youth had a great time and really learned a lot this month in dedicating our month of February to learning about poverty and hunger. The joint effort of the 30 Hour Famine was a ton of fun and I personally must give thanks to Sondra Bowers for giving me the idea when I helped her with it last year. I can only see this event getting bigger and better. Now I also just have to add that we spent the entire weekend at the Seminary - they allow their students to use the fellowship hall etc for whatever reason for free (vs. renting the space) and on top of spending so much time in the fellowship hall - I spent the night in Room 208. Doesn't seem like a big deal except for that ALL 4 of my classes this semeter are in 208 - so now, since I have slept there, I officially live in classroom 208 instead of apartment 109 :)

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