Sunday, September 18, 2005

Woodland Christian Church

I have accepted a position as the Student Associate Minister at Woodland Christian Church in Lexington! I feel very lucky, as a seminarian - most students with positions are required to travel quite a ways away to get to their congregations. I, on the other hand have about a 3 minute commute, that in nice weather I plan to walk. As the Student Associate, I will mainly be working with the youth, however I will be able to participate in many ways. The way that it was explained to me, because a "teaching church" should teach more than simply youth ministry, I will be expected to entertain many different types of experiences. They hope to help me grow in many different aspects of my ministry, which requires me to have a plethora of options! Woodland is a very socially aware church, close to down town. I'm hoping this will be a good way of at least experiencing a taste of "urban" ministries. Although I wouldn't consider them an urban church, they tend to be concerned with similar issues which at least give me a taste of it!

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