Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fumes....NO Oxygen....

So I've been running again - about two miles each time - very excited to be doing that again - one problem though. I don't know my way around Lexington enough yet to go running in an area that isn't a major thoroughfare! I mean, I know it limits the places I run because I'm a woman and I normally run at night in the dark, so I DO run on major streets for safety reasons... but seriously, this has got to improve. I need to find some places to run that don't involve cars. Tonight I'm not sure if the gasoline fumes from all the cars did more damage than running does good for your body. It felt like acid in my lungs - it was fabulous. Please tell me if you know where to run that won't feel like I just inhaled an entire bottle of tobasco sauce into my lungs.

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