Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We're headed to New Zealand...

....OK - so maybe its not for another 22 months - but I'm still T-H-R-I-L-L-E-D!!!


Jamie is my New Zealand brother... our parents have been friends since before I was born, he came to live with my family while he was in HS, I went and lived with his family when I studied abroad in NZ and now our families are all very close. I have two NZ brothers and a set of NZ parents, and shortly I will have a NZ sister-in-law! ;)

They are planning to get married in March 2009 - allowing everyone enough time to plan to get down there to NZ - and they've asked ME to perform the ceremony! HOLY COW!! How cool is it that I will have performed the wedding ceremonies for two of my three brothers' weddings?!?!

At any rate - I couldn't be more excited - I absolutely loved EVERY minute of my time in New Zealand and I will probably resort to selling plasma if I need to in order to get the money to return down there. Not to mention that now we have to figure out how to get Michael down there too! Can we both sell plasma? So maybe that's a little drastic - but seriously, we will be there - one way or another! :)

Congrats to Jamie and Hannah - I couldn't be more excited!!

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