Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Good Horoscope

This was/is my horoscope today... fitting that I started this Blog just about this time of year about two years ago. Crazy to think about where I was, physically, mentally, spiritually, financially :).... all of it.... "Go through your mental scrapbook. See how far you've come, even in just a year or two? Impressed? You should be. Even if the results weren't immediate and material, your spiritual and emotional progress is considerable." Yay for a good horoscope that keeps me motivated right now! Somehow there are only 5 days of class left, and in those 5 days I have three tests, a take home test and a paper to finish/turn in. How did I do this to myself? I can't wait for next semester, I only have THREE classes! Well I better get back to it!!

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