Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy Chanukah

Chanukah began this evening at sundown. And although I am clearly not Jewish, I would like to wish my Jewish brothers and sisters a Happy Chanukah. May we all learn from a small group of people, lead by a noble family of priests, who defeated one of the greatest armies in the world. In opposition to the "in thing" that they knew was wrong, they stayed true to their faith and G_d's Holy Teachings.

To recognize that this other group of people, in faith, are remembering a faithful time in their past does not mean I am going against Christmas by anymeans. We are not to compete with one another and no one has to demand "Seasons Greetings" or "Happy Holidays" from one another. There may not be be a direct connection between these two holidays, but there is a connection in our one, shared G_d. And because we are all G_d's children - I wish them a pleasant, spirit-filled, holy time to celebrate Chanukah.

I know I've shared this with many of you - but I also want to take this moment to share the video I made about my trip to Poland. These are just some of the 400 photos I took while I was in Poland studying the Holocaust this summer. It is accompanied by a song called Eli, Eli - a Hebrew song written by a Hungarian Jew murdered because she was trying to save 100's of other Jews.

(You may have to click the middle play button a few times)

The Holocaust in Poland

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