Friday, December 01, 2006


Previously I had convinced myself it was ok that I wasn’t writing on my blog as much. I wrote on my blog last year a lot more because I found myself with more down time that allowed me to do that. And although it is helpful to report and also work through things that are going on in my life by writing about them, I convinced myself this year that it wasn’t important enough to devote enough time to, that I was simply turning into an exhibitionist showing off what I’m doing to (sometimes random) people outside my immediate daily life. (Those in my immediate daily life get to find out what’s going on with me anyway because I talk to much in general and they have to hear about those kinds of things whether they want to or not!) On the other hand, I didn’t admit to myself how important it is to have some sort of outlet to work through obstacles troubling me, or to work through some of my thoughts on this crazy life-changing experience I’m having here in seminary. Although I’m sure there are some more “technical” or scientific ways to reflect on and mull over the many goings on of my life, I wouldn’t admit to myself that writing a blog is actually an ok, and fairly productive way to also do this. I mean, I know its not as if I’ll be publishing a book of my deepest and most profound thoughts, but its helpful to type them out, write them out and reread through them so as to grow and become a better person. (I don’t mean that in a pejorative way, rather I think everyone should always try to better themselves throughout their entire life, no need to sit complacently as the world happens around you!) At any rate – I’m back, I’m returning to the life of blogging and hope that I will continue to get a response. Because more than ever, an important part of blogging is asking others to respond to your thoughts and help you work through things with a more objective view of someone not directly involved. Don’t worry though, I’ll still probably post a few funny forwards of emails and some good pictures. But nonetheless, I’m overall….BACK (whether you are reading or not!) :)

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