Monday, May 01, 2006

My Ode to Jordon

Many apoglogies for being a major slacker on my posting lately - I promise it will get better after finals are over. I'll have more time to be a major slacker and waste all sorts of time on the internet ;) But until then... I miss my Jordon! I miss watching Monsters Inc, I miss my lazy butt sitting at my desk and watching her work out, I miss trips for milk and graham crackers because that's all we're allowed to have until dinner, I miss finals food and pickers, I miss Olivia and Compton, I miss the beautiful Miss Sallee and "giving peas a chance" :) I miss it all! At any rate - I saw Jordon this weekend at her Bachelorette party - ONE CRAZY WOMAN :) I can't wait - three more weeks until her big day!!

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