Saturday, October 15, 2005

It finally clicked

So it just finally clicked for me yesterday that I live in Lexington, all on my own, and that I will for quite a while....I mean, it's it not like I've been on drugs since August and haven't noticed - but it just sort of clicked the other day because I'm so used to moving all the time. Ever since high school I've continued to move almost every semester, city to city, hell country to country, never really living anywhere for the summer because I'm always at camp or traveling or something and other than living at home last year, this is the most permanent I'll live in one place for a long time since I was in high school. (Can we say run-on sentence?) It's like I've felt as if someone were going to wake me up one day and say "we're just kidding, this isn't your apartment, you don't live here, you don't live on you own, move out, either into a dorm or move home with your parents again...." I guess I did live at home for quite a while last year, but I think I'm also trying to block out how it made me feel like a big loser to live with my parents at 23.... :) Bottom line - I'm feeling very comfortable living on my own, no roommates and in Lexington in general :)

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bethwlowery said...

sooo... i have a kc email for you... is that right? do you have a lexington one now? i feel like i dont have your right email... you have mine, so drop me a note and i can write you back... i desperately need to send you something!