Monday, October 03, 2005


I'm prety vocal - especially politically - especially recently. But I'm not going to lie - something I tend to back away from and not hold a stance on - is pro-choice vs. pro-life. I can't make up my mind - and I'm concerned I never will - is that bad to want to base this issue on a case by case basis? There is an organization called "The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform" that is running The Reproductive "Choice" Campaign - they claim to "expose the horror of abortion on the roads of America" by driving around huge semi-trucks with horrific pictures of aborted fetuses on the side of the trucks. They also print huge signs (7 feet tall by 22 feet wide) and hold them up on college campuses around the US. They used to do this at the University of Missouri and then I saw them today on the UK campus. I know a lot of that is propoganda and the way you present information - therefore I need to come at this, almost with a cynical point of view. At the same time, it is VERY convincing and therefore effective. Yet at the same time, I can't hep but think that my friend that was gang raped has the right to have the decision to get an abortion. Or what about people that clearly would not be good parents, that the child would end up in "the system" anyway? Or the infants that would be born with a disease or a syndrome, knowing that their parents would not want them or would not want to deal with their problems, and would not do it? I have seen a statistic that says 40 million fetuses have been aborted since 1973. How would our country be different if even half of those children were born - and we had 20 million more citizens in the US? What if we had all 40 million? Will I ever have an opinion on this or an answer?

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Anonymous said...

Wait until you are ready to be a parent and aren't able to. Wait until you see women who use abortion as a form of birth control. Wait until you look into the eyes of a woman who lost a baby, not by choice, but by some cruel fate. Wait until you meet a woman that through no fault of her own is unable to carry a child and in turn is paying hundreds even thousands of dollars for the oportunity to adopt and become a mother to a child...only to wait months or years for that to happen.
All through college I was pro-choice, because I felt like there were always exceptions to be had. What about women who are raped? Well, all of that changed when I met a girl in college who was a child of rape. Her mother did not terminate the pregnancy, knowing how that child came to be...she did give her up for adoption, and that girl was one of the most amazing women that I have ever had the privedledge to meet.
At 9 weeks, I was to see the heartbeat of our little miracle. You can see the chambers of the heart at that time. Unless trying to get pregnant, a lot of women don't even know they are pregnant until at least 2 months....
I just realized that every baby deserves a chance. My husband and I have a loving home, and of course like everyone else we want a healthy baby...but we would take any baby. I can't help but think of how selfish I would be if I decided that abortion was ok if the baby wasn't "perfect" to my expectations...who are we to judge. God is perfect, we are made in his every baby deserves the chance...Just my thoughts.