Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I found this "postcard" on - a website I like to look at from time to time.  I'm interested to see what my friends - especially seminary trained friends - think about this, or have to say about the comment.

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Stephanie Anthony/She Rev said...

I remember a number of people who also dropped out of seminary because of this. Some were crushed by the idea that Moses didn't write the first 5 books of the Bible and left the church altogether for being lied to (maybe a SLIGHT exaggeration on my part, but not much). Others just dropped out of our seminary to find one that fit their worldview a little better.

For many that stayed, I think seminary did destoy their/our belief in God, but if you gave it the chance it rebuilt it in a new, complex, and life-giving way. Seminary gets a bad rap, I think.

People seem to think it's supposed to be the warm, touchy-feely Sunday School class, and when it doesn't live up to that reputation they get a bad taste in their mouths. But I don't think that's it. Is it supposed to be Christian and Christ-like? Yes, but that doesn't mean we're cuddled and coddled. It's challenging. It's a training ground. Yes, it's supposed to be compassionate and loving, but, well, Jesus also had some tough things for his disciples to hear before they went out to carry the gospel in the world, and, well, seminaries do, too.

I didn't expect seminary to be my main source of spiritual or devotional support while I was there. It was my school. It had academic things to teach me. When it provided those other things, that was a great bonus.

The things I learned challenged, and in some sense, yes, destroyed the faith that I carried in with me. However, that left me open to the Spirit's presence and activity to "put a new and right (steadfast) spirit within me."