Sunday, May 17, 2009


Dear Brooke -
I secretly hope I'll never stop missing you. Because I'm afraid that if I stop missing you - maybe that means I've forgotten you. But I most certainly haven't forgotten you - mainly because there are so many things that have happened recently that I want to share with you.
This week was graduation. The whole family came into town - and it was an event. But I realized when I went to rehearsal for graduation that the last time I was in Memorial Hall - was when I was celebrating your graduation. It made me want you to be there all the more. Yes, I realize it was for selfish reasons - but nonetheless.
I just hope I can find someone else who will patiently listen to me talk about my family and my nieces and nephews and not get sick of hearing about it.
As I'm searching for a position and trying to discern where I'm supposed to go there are so many things I want to talk through with you. Just like class work - just talking through it all with you makes it so much clearer. Even if I had the answer right in front of me - I need someone to talk it through with. We both know I can do all the talking - but at the same time - I can't hear you talking back.
Oh and men...there's so much to talk about at this point. We could ALWAYS talk about dating and relationships...I only hope you know what's going on with my dating life right now... it would make you smile.
I miss your smile - I miss your laughter - I miss my friend.
Sometimes I feel bad when I don't think about you - but then if I think about you too long - it makes me cry.
I know you're still here - but life's just not the same without you.

I miss you friend...

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