Wednesday, April 30, 2008

6 months

its been 6 months

and i still feel something

sometimes i'm sad

sometimes i miss what i thought we had

sometimes i'm angry

sometimes i'm mad

sometimes i'm enraged

but mostly i'm hurt

because i was lied to

but not just a little lie

because when someone says "i love you"

you should be able to trust that

but i still have trouble trusting

and you took that away from me

and you don't even know

and you don't even care

you've moved on

granted i have too

but not near as easily as you

you've moved on so quickly

which is clear proof you were never mine

you never gave of yourself

you never intended on being honest

you never were honest

and i'm so mad that i gave you that time

that i gave you all of me

that i got wrapped up in this all-consuming love for you

and i received nothing

but a roommate




but the truth is

you never deserved me

and you never will

so although i'm still mad

and although i still miss some things

i'll never want you back

because you're not worth it

you don't deserve me

and you never will

no matter how many months pass

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