Wednesday, March 05, 2008

who am I?

I try to be who I am, and I hope that I am this... I know I'm not always the person I want to be, but in the end I try...I hope that I am centered, selfassured, charismatic, and engaging, but not full of my self. I hope I silently command respect in both business and personal life but that I am not arrogant. I want to be able to own the room but remain grounded enough to not take myself too seriously. I hope I'm not cynical, and that I'm not pejorative or patronizing. Regardless of my limited, but desired success, I don't want to impress you with my professional persona, but hope you are much more interested in my real person. I try to be capable of accepting my own flaws as well as those of others, without thinking they need to change. I hope I can intelligently converse on a wide variety of topics yet let others know that I still sing in the shower, have a favorite cartoon and cry over sappy chick flicks. I want to interact with people from all walks of life and at the same time handle myself appropriately in a variety of social situations. I try to have a big heart and care about the world around me. I like to think I have a quick wit and can be playfully sarcastic. I have a spiritual foundation and compatible values, which I hope I live out in my daily life. I hope to be completely financially secure in the near future, (following grad school and student loans) but also recognize that my bank account means nothing if I am not living honestly and with integrity. I enjoy finer things and simple pleasures equally and at the same time. I know that random acts of kindness speak louder than money, textbook knowledge or words upon words of intention. I try to takes care of myself. I try to be stylish but not overly cosmopolitan, nor grounded in money that is required to be so. I hope I am emotionally mature, that I appreciate the intellect of others and that I can engage it without fear. I hope I express myself freely and that I do it without fear of embarrassment. I have and continue to learn from my past experiences and try not to treat them as 'baggage.' I understand who I am as a person and am content with the world I have created around me, yet I am not content with the world, nor am I complacent about changing the world to what it was meant to be. I try to be confident in what I want and need life. I know that love isn't a product of ideal circumstances, rather it's a decision that requires mutual sacrifice....and this goes for love of all types. I'm eclectic, and dialectic. I contradict myself sometimes. I love to have my nails done, but don't mind getting dirt under them. I love watching sports, but suck at playing them. I hope I am, and hope for, a lot of things. More than anything, I hope I am the person that I want to be....

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