Friday, August 05, 2005

San Diego

Let’s hear about out trip to San Diego – mom’s a wreck because she thinks we’re going to be late to the airport and yells at all of us the whole way there – we arrive in plenty of time just to find out that our flight is delayed. The plane we are supposed to be shortly boarding hasn’t even left Dallas due to weather, so our flight is delayed 1:20. We finally get on our way to Dallas when they smell burning in the cabin so we have to make an emergency landing in Tulsa in order to figure that out. We have to de-plane and wait for another plane to come into Tulsa. At which point we find out that the last two flights that were supposed to leave from Tulsa to Dallas were cancelled. Helpful. We wait for this incoming flight to arrive and switch our luggage and flight crews. We’re finally on our way to San Diego through Dallas!! When we arrive in Dallas they ask us to all leave the plane – “But our flight was supposed to be continuing through all the way to San Diego” – Flight Attendant – “This plane is finished for the night, this flight crew is at the risk of working over the 14 hours in one day mark” (which is apparently illegal) – So another flight crew boards and starts boarding all the other passengers on their way to San Diego, which have been waiting in Dallas for two hours now. Which they are also right on the edge of this illegal mark and announce this as everyone is boarding. “Please take your seats and load your carry-on luggage within the next seven minutes (full flight) otherwise we risk the crew going over the 14 hour mark and the flight being cancelled. We don’t want to have to cancel the flight.” OK – so it finally gets loaded, not cancelled and we arrive in San Diego. Welcome to Hertz – you have a reservation, but we don’t have a car for you. Even though you called and informed us your flight was late, since technically your reservation was for yesterday, we gave away your car. So "Trenae" is it? You're going to give us a car - because Kerri reserved one, you're getting on her nerves, it's already been 10 hours since we left KC and we still have an hour drive ahead of us. Needless to say - we got a car and finally made it to the "Comfort Suite(s)".

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