Sunday, March 13, 2005

Church Politics

Sometimes I really wonder what I'm getting myself into going into seminary. Recently a bunch of parents from my church youth group kids threw a major hissy fit about one of the new youth group sponsors. It is fairly obvious that he has several scars on both of his wrists. Whatever people choose to see this as is their own choice, but after spending one night with the youth group - people are now saying that he should no longer be able to spend time with the youth. HELLO!!! Do you people not think that he ALREADY OBVIOUSLY suffers enough from his OWN persecution? Depression is like homosexuality doesn't rub off - you can't catch it - it's not something you can just jump in and out of - people live with it - that's who they are - and how you choose to face them and "deal with them" affects them just as much as it affects you and your kids - probably MORE than you could ever imagine. Just because you can hide all of your deep dark secrets, and he physically can't, doesn't mean you don't have them. Everyone has them, and that's between you and GOD - last time I checked, GOD is the only one that gets to judge us. Thanks for applying for the job, but, "You're fired!"

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